How to Choose a Big Data Training Institute?

Big Data has long come out of its experimental state and become an essential component of a company’s growth. With the predictions of a $47 billion big data in not more than two years this is, precisely the time for the analytics aspirants to step up their game. Get trained, certified; come to the aid of the global skill gap in Big Data and you may change your life for the better and forever. Well, these are probably known facts; many of you may have already decided to enter the expanding world of Big Data as a fresher or from a different professional background.

It is true that the world is in a dearth of Big Data professionals but it only helps you when you are good; mediocrity will not take you a long way. So, it is better to be very cautious while choosing a big data training institute; this choice may have a great impact on the shape of your future.

Let us discuss a few points that you should keep in mind before choosing the best Big Data training institute for yourself.

  1. The medium of course:

You can always go for a free resource and teach yourself from the web. This is the most economical option if you are learning analytics only to be able to communicate with an expert or to run minor analytic surveys for your company apart from your regular job. But if you are planning a career as an analytics professional this might not and, probably will not suffice. In order to handle a full time Big Data job you need to be well equipped with adequate technical skills and certified.

You can also go for a degree or diploma course from a university that offers the mentioned. This option should not be discarded if you want to become a Data Scientist and have the time and resources to undergo such a comprehensive course.

The online and offline courses offered by dedicated Big Data analytics academies like Analytixlabs are often the best option for you if you want an industry specific, well targeted training. Make sure that whatever medium you choose is the most comfortable option for you.

  1. The course structure:

With so many techniques and technologies regarding big data analytics being taught and practiced, it is not too hard to get confused. When you go through the web pages of various big data training institutes make look for detailed specifications about the courses that are being offered. A good institute will have all the course details posted and sorted by skill level required to master those. You should be able to choose a course that suites your foundation. Not to mention the need to choose a course that you are interested in and that will add value to your profile.

  1. The instructors:

It is imperative that you know who you are going to learn from. The course is only as good as the instructor. The analytics academies become a better choice than any other medium because they expose you to the industry through the professionals. Make sure that the instructors are operative in the big data industry and have a substantial amount of experience. A genuinely good big data training institute will usually flaunt the qualifications and capabilities of its instructors; if you run into an academy that does not, do ask for the details of the instructors. If you are unsatisfied, leave.

  1. The background of the institute:

That means the educational and professional background of the founders. If the founders are from a strong technological background it ensures that they will understand the various problems that the students may face and they will obviously be able to think out ways to enhance student experience. This factor often plays a vital role in the overall quality of an institute.

These points, if kept in mind should put you in a good position to choose a big data training institute that will truly fulfill your purpose learning and getting ready to embark on a great career in big data analytics.

James Mathews

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