How to be Anonymous Online?

For some reasons, we think about going anonymous while surfing online. Whether you’re doing it for work or personally, there are many reasons behind wanting to surf anonymously. This generation is full of cybercrimes and cybercriminals doing bad things just to get what they want from other people. Hackers are everywhere waiting for the best time to attack and steal your personal information. Being anonymous online is the best solution to those problems but how can you do it? You’ve got the questions and we got the answer for you.

How to be Anonymous Online

How to be Anonymous Online

Here are some ways on how to be anonymous online.

Be Incognito.

Browsers have this feature which you can turn your browsing mode into private browsing or incognito mode. This private browsing mode is not totally fingerprint free, DNS lookups and certain cookies can stay behind after private browsing session. Treat private browsing as temporary or on the go mode of being the basic way of locally anonymous surfing. It won’t store any of your browsing history on a public computer. If you’re going to use a public computer, better use incognito mode.

To check it, open up a private browsing session and browse through a number of sites, then exit the session, drop into a Command Prompt and type in the following:

ipconfig /displaydns, and press Enter.

This will list all the cached DNS entries that your computer.

False Identities.

The next step is by creating fake accounts so that whoever wants to stalk your or get something from you will never find your true identity with your online profiles. If you struggle making false identities there are sites that can create one for you. There is a website called Fake Name Generator. You can try it and never struggle anymore with creating fake identities. Creating false identities can protect your personal information while surfing anonymously. Although it is not recommended to use it every time, you can use this option with other things and transactions online.

Use a VPN.

Vpn service is increasing popularly because aside from people using it to access geo-restricted contents, its main purpose is for your online protection. It hides your IP address and mask your location into a new one with your vpn server location used and also provides a temporary IP address. You can surf anonymously with a vpn service while keeping you worry-free from the prying eyes of the hackers. You need a vpn service wherever you go especially when you take a vacation to other countries. You can use it to get cheap deals online, play online poker and protect your child while surfing the Internet. If you have no idea on what is the best vpn service to use, you can check them in the Internet and you’ll find one which is suitable for your needs.

Final Thoughts.

Whether you’re an ordinary people but you use Internet for your daily life or a professional person and you need Internet for your profession, make sure that you can surf anonymously and safely. At the end of the day, your online protection is the most important thing that your should focus on while using social media, checking emails or doing bank transactions online. Be anonymous online and protect yourself.


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Atul - October 5, 2016

Using VPN is good idea especially while doing payment on public networks like Cafe. Nice post bro, keep it up.

    Nathan Simpson - October 7, 2016

    Hello Atul, Yes. Doing online banking or any transactions through public networks are very risky and vpn is a very good way to secure your online identity. Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated! Cheers. Please look forward for more.


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