How secure is the Telegram app?

Is there a time that you are not sure if your conversations are safe and no one is peeking on it? Now, you can use a messaging application that can encrypt all of your messages, the Telegram.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. This service is available on desktop computers and mobiles. Like other messaging applications, it can let you send text, videos, photos, stickers and any type of file you want. It also provides optional end-to-end encrypted messaging experience. This application has been criticized by security experts because of its custom nature. Pavel Durov, a Russian-born entrepreneur, supported Telegram.

This secured and encrypted messaging application liked by a lot of terrorist groups according to the latest news. The telegram says that this application is secured and can be used as a secret chat for everyone.

But how do you know how secure is this application? Here is the list of some issues you might encounter when using Telegram:




1. Prone to too many errors

The end-to-end data encryption feature of telegram cannot be set by default. If you want to secure it, one should select the “Secret Chat” before chatting. Be aware that all of the existing messages can’t be encrypted anymore.


2. Contact theft

When you start to use the telegram application, it automatically registers you using your mobile number and automatically uploads all of your entire contacts databases on their server. Also, it allows building a big social network map of all of its servers and how they know each other.


3. Can leak metadata

A wide range of metadata could leak by using your mobile phone. Even if the “Secret Chat” is enabled the law enforcement can get other metadata for sure by connecting on its own server.


4. Has a weak data encryption

According to some security researchers and experts, they are a bit worried about the encryption that telegram uses, although the encryption hasn’t been publicly broken.


Telegram’s saying that they have a secured and encrypted messaging feature makes you doubt for a bit. It does not store any of your secret chat, but the regular chat messages are less secure than Whatsapp.


There are a lot of issues of Telegram, sometimes they are secured in the different view, some are not. No matter what application you will use, there are some intruders that can still crack your encrypted data. As the time goes hackers and snoopers can still crack and view anything you put online. If you want to have an intact and secured online security, there are VPN providers that can help you in protecting your mobile data. VPN too can let have the full anonymity online so that no one can ever view of track your internet data.


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