Google Set To Launch Motorola ‘X phone’

Motorola’s under-performance records were forgotten when it released Razr a few months back, this year. The launch of Razr helped Motorola catch up with the competition and proved what could be achieved under an efficient leader like Google. Since then, there have been rumors sparking up from time to time about a new device called X Phone being made in Motorola’s labs. Neither Google nor Motorola is ready to spill the beans and all we can do as of now is being content with what little has been said and sit tight until the official launch. There are a few specs that have been leaked or rumored (we are not sure what). Let’s try to guess what’s under wraps.

The phone is rumored to have a bendable screen. That’s something you need to think of more because not one device in the market has a bendable screen. It seems to be a cool feature, but we can’t buy a phone just because its screen is bendable. It must have more than that in order to become popular among people. Bendable doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable and we might have to give up the comfortable feeling we get while using sturdy phones. There’s much to think about it. At this point, we are not sure if Motorola is working on this feature, so we had better not believe it.

The build of the phone is said to be ceramic based. Again, this is just what the rumor mills have churned out and not from Motorola or Google. If it is true, then there are more possibilities of X Phone coming as an eye-catcher. There’s a lot that Motorola can do with ceramic and the market is already excited about the design. Razr was a good performer and the next phone is also expected to take after Razr or perform better than it. The phone is said to have a camera that supports capturing of panoramic views. This is not something different from what’s there in its rivals.

These unique features must cost X Phone, other common standards that smartphones have. Motorola is expected to borrow technology from its recently acquired Viewdle. Viewdle develops imaging and gesture recognition software. Therefore, X Phone should be able to do more than what its rivals can do. If not so, it should have at least Galaxy-like or iPhone-like capabilities. Samsung and Apple are Google’s direct rivals. Though Samsung greatly benefits from Google’s Android, Google has become its rival ever since Google branched out into hardware manufacturing.

It would be difficult for Google if Samsung stops letting Google Apps because of X Phone coming out as a pure Android phone. As of now, only Nexus gives you a complete Android experience and now X Phone is expected to have the same because it comes directly from the Android developer. It is also rumored that Motorola will start making X Tablet right away after the launch. There’s nothing that we know about this X Tablet and it is months ahead of us. X Phone will debut any time in 2013 and again there’s no news about the launch date. There have been rumors of different phones to be launched in 2013. X Phone will be one of the most awaited launches.


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Sarah Park - January 9, 2013

This X Phone is quite interesting. Motorola has always that reputation of being passive, but amazes everyone instantly with a new offer. I guess X phone would be another example for this.

Felicia - January 18, 2013

Hi April,
This is the first time that I’ve heard (or read) about the Motorola X Phone. However, I have seen a similarly related video belonging to Samsung demonstrating their bendable concept screen. Although I do not know much about the details, it can be speculated that the product results are similar even though they may differ in the technology used.

Justin Thomson - February 12, 2013

As we all know about the Google. It’s one of leading search engine name of this world. Google really expanding it’s criteria. The exclusive content unveils the perfect info about the X phone of Google. The importance of mobile app development is really enhancing day by day. We all know that Google owns Android and I really make sure, Google rocks technology market again with the same phone.


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