Giveaway: 5 Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 Activation Keys [1 PC]

The very first giveaway on Tech Blazes! Thanks to Avira team for providing

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  1. Mohammad Wasiullah says

    Avira provides good protection to their user and easy to use and keep system safe from almost all viruses.

    • Naser says

      You are right Wasiullah. :) Thanks for participating in the Giveaway. Try to gather as many entries as you can.

  2. Dacko says

    Avira AV Premium 2012 is an excellent security software. Very good WEB guard and excellent detection of malware. Thanks for this giveaway contest.

  3. Avik chatterjee says

    i want to win because avira is a well known i want to keep my pc secure ..i know avira can do this very well

    Count me in

  4. tom says

    Id have to say avira is a great antivirus ive used it for a while now my top 3 are avira” avast” and kispersky id love to win a copy for my laptop cheers to all.

  5. says

    Best Free antivirus of all time.
    I hope in the future avira also have sandbox technology like avast or kaspersky
    Thank you for giveaway.

  6. Jean says

    I use Prevx free at the moment. Avira have a good reputation and i want to try it.
    Thanks for this contest.

  7. Jay says

    Please include me in the giveaway. My antivirus just expired and I would like to win Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 to continue protecting my pc against threats and malware.

  8. ajemsasa says

    Very good malware blocking, good malware cleanup, good firewall, really nice software indeed, please count me in.
    Best regards!

  9. Tiago Lopes says

    I’d love to have an activation key for Avira because it’s the antivirus with the best detection rate. Plus, it’s fast, doesn’t slow down your machine, and has a cool file scanner name (“Luke Filewalker”).

  10. says

    With all threats running through the web, having an antivirus software is a must in order to maintain a stable system. There are many AV solutions; some are better than others. Three of the most popular antivirus available are Avast, AVG and Avira. All of them offer a good set of tool that helps maintain a system secure.

  11. Puneet says

    Is it the first giveaway of the site!! I can’t believe it. So many participants are there. Really nice. God bless you.

  12. says

    Hi Thanks for this giveaway ,do u think Avira is a good antivirus or better than Kasperasky ..I use Kasp. Curious to know .Thanks

    • Naser says

      Did you follow the instructions in the widget? I have not received any entry from you to count you in the giveaway.

  13. Sraul Santiano says

    Will this giveaway done with a random draw or will the selection be different?

    Anyway, Avira has a very good detection and of course the WebGuard!

  14. Waleed Usman says

    Avira is one of the best software known to me…i hope i will get the key as i am in bad need..

    thanks for giveaway…for hope


  15. Mayur says

    I want to secure my PC form harmful application & Viruses.
    Avira has a very good detection so i want win license.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  16. says

    I’d love to have a license of Avira. I was using it for the last six months until my license expired. This is the most effective and yet unobtrusive antivirus.

  17. John d says

    i want to win as i do not have a paid license now. using the free version.

    thanks and count me in.

    john d

  18. Grr says

    Avira has performed well in various tests, and therefore I want to win a license.

    Please count me in.


  19. tejaslok says

    i’ve been using avira since 2 years but only personal edition never tried paid or premium one though

  20. says

    One of the best open-source anti-virus software is this must have in your personal computer. As well as this version, it’s really nice to have, its premium. I also participate, thanks for sharing.

  21. Nad says

    Since more than a decade, AVIRA is the only in all antivirus which can be counted on & on the reason behind it is that AVIRA has never ever left us all in the lurch. So there is no harm saying that in all Antivirus AVIRA is, AVIRA was & AVIRA would be my first and last choice no matter how i get free key for its premium version.

    Good Bless Avira & its hardworking Team!
    Keep your chin up! Sky is the limit!

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