Get New Features With A New Version Of BKF Recovery Software

We  all  are  familiar with BKF Recovery Software which helps to repair corrupt, damaged or
inaccessible BKF Files and is very famous for it’s new and advanced features. This is the
simplest software which doesn’t require any technical expertise to understand and access.
And recently it’s version is updated which makes it more compatible with every Windows
Operating System. Lets find out it’s new specifications and features and learn more
interesting things about this software.

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New Features of BKF Recovery Software

Many new features are introduced in the latest version (BKF File Repair Solution 5.8) of
BKF Recovery Software. All the new features are listed below :

1) New Modes Of Scanning: Every other software has 2 features like QUICK and DEEP
Mode of scanning but BKF Recovery Software has one more mode of scanning which is
called RANGE Based Scanning. Range based scanning helps to select particular range of
the file and scan as well as repair only that specific range of file.

2) Loads Previous Scanned File: If once you get your file scanned then there is no need to
scan again and again as it will automatically be uploaded once you select the file.

3) Flexibility to choose location: Once your files are scanned then you can save the
repaired files either at your desired location or at the original location. User has the
flexibility to choose the location as software provides you the option.

4) Search option: Once your files are scanned then you can preview them but you may find
difficulty to search for any particular file. But this software provides you the option to
search for any particular file from the list of the given files.

BKF Recovery Software:
You can easily download the new version of this software as it is available online. Try the
FREE Demo version and look at the new features added and then step forward towards the
FULL Licensed version.


Selah Medina

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