FrootVPN Improvements: UK VPN Server is Officially Here!

Internet security software FrootVPN is making its way of giving more and more vpn servers for their subscribers. They started providing the best vpn service since 2014 and made awesome advancement as the years go by. FrootVPN gained 300,000 users for a shorter period of time. They started having two vpn servers which include Sweden and USA. Now, they have a total of five vpn servers. The three more vpn servers added were Canada, France and the newest is United Kingdom. Few months after they’ve launched France, they are giving another option to their valuable subscribers. This new vpn server also supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols so their subscribers will enjoy watching their favorite videos from the UK at the comfort of their home.

They can now also read and watch contents with geo-restrictions. Good thing about FrootVPN is that they work hard to provide excellent vpn service while gaining more subscribers who trusted their service. If you want to learn more about their step-by-step progress since they started, you can check their blog and be amazed on how quick they made major improvements.

FrootVPN Improvements UK VPN Server is Officially Here!

FrootVPN Improvements UK VPN Server is Officially Here!

FrootVPN started their vpn service company aiming to provide the best vpn service for their customers. They make sure that their subscribers will fully enjoy the benefits of having a secured online protection software which keeps no logs of personal information and online activities. Aside from these features they also have one of the strongest encryption with 2048 bits. They are accepting paypal and bitcoin mode of payment so you can choose which one is convenient for you. Enjoy a month of their vpn service with 30-day money back guarantee.

For more updates about FrootVPN, you can check their FacebookTwitter and Google+ accounts because they have stated that there are more major improvements coming your way!

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