Fix technical glitches with the best free tune up software

Do you feel frustrated when you realize that your computer system, a magical machine, is bogged down by renegade files, programs, and services?  Is the slow performance of an operating system hampering your work productivity? If you feel that the above underlined issues are true to its nature, then you must seek the best free computer tune up software.


As there is a host of optimizing software available online, most of us become confused seeing numerous available options. One must be meticulous enough before choosing any one among them as there are numerous fake software available on the Internet. These software remain valid for maximum period of 15-20 days. Thus, to avoid such repercussions, software vendors are offering a trial version or free PC tune up, so that computer users can skillfully go through every single benefit and feature offered by the vendors.

When you purchase a new computer, the registry is clean and organized. But with regular usage, the registry grows and become larger with numerous cluttered entries, scattered data, redundant files, and malicious programs that seep into the registry of the system while downloading applications.

Common reasons that lead to sluggish PC performance:

  • The root cause for the slothful computer is scattered registry. The registry is a vital part of an operating system. It holds data of the installed programs, drivers, settings of software and hardware, USB drive, and every gadget plugged in at least once. Thus, the data gets scattered in thereby disrupting the smooth functionality of the computer system with obsolete entries that do not allow to function properly.
  • By manually cleaning the temporary and junk files, obsolete entries, and invalid entry keys, the registry does not get smaller. When a user uninstalls software applications, broken entries of those files are left behind thereby bloating the system
  • Lastly, the old entries leave gaps and the registry becomes fragmented with unnecessary files. Malicious codes including rootkit, Trojan, malware, and spyware among others enter into the system without your knowledge.

Free computer tune up software can be availed from the comfort of home. One need not run down to the service center to get menial issues resolved. Unlike now, before the advent of this handy technology, people used to wait in queue in the service center until their turn came. Undoubtedly, this process is time consuming and incurs huge cost of repairing. Owing to hectic work schedule, most computer users do not find time to go to the service center or fix an appointment with the technician to pay a visit at home. Thus, by availing the benefits of free computer tune up software, it has become convenient for people to scan the PC on a routine basis. Moreover, the program is an absolute dummy-proof also called as “one-click maintenance”, which diagnoses and fixes technical errors occurring in the most critical areas of the computer system.

On top of it, let’s have a brief look at the features offered by the best free PC tune up software.

  1. Update Windows: Most computer users do not upgrade or install latest updates for the OS. Either people ignore the notifications that pop up or they do not have automatic updating option. The best free PC tune up software ensures that your computer is installed with latest windows version and drivers.
  2. Scan for malware with in-built antivirus: This free computer tune up software comprehensively scans the operating system thereby detecting the malicious programs that seep into the computer while incessantly browsing the Internet. As this software comes with an in-built feature of antivirus, there is no need of purchasing antivirus software.
  3. Defrag the hard drive: After updating the windows, cleaning virus ridden files, and uninstalling unused files, this optimizing software defrags the hard drive to optimize the speed and overall performance of the system.
  4. Undo functionality: Before running a comprehensive scan, the free computer tune up software keeps a backup of important files and documents, so that it might not get deleted accidently while scanning.
  5. Scheduler: Owing to busy schedule, it is nearly impossible for people to manually scan the system every time. Thus, with this feature, computer user just needs to schedule the scan timings and this cleaning software automatically scans the PC without the presence of the user.

Thus, this free computer tune up software accelerates the accuracy of the computer system thereby maintaining the stability of the operating system.

James Mathews

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