5 Security Tips to Avoid Online Security Traps

Many IT professionals know how dangerous it is when a malware damaged your computers and smartphones. Nowadays that everyone is using a computer for work and smartphones, there are certain time that we can forget about the security measures that we should follow while we are browsing the Internet. We have here the five security tips to avoid avoid online security traps.

5 Security Tips to Avoid Online Security Traps

5 Security Tips to Avoid Online Security Traps


Understand malwares and cyber-crimes.

If you don’t really know them, you’ll never figure out why you need to be careful with your Internet use and the importance of antivirus installed in your computers. Let us talk about malwares. This kind of software is created by many cyber-criminals to infect other people’s computer or to gather some personal information about them that they can used to steal and other kinds of crimes. According to our research, there are thousands of new malwares being created every day. There are also malwares which has the ability to break your personal computers such as viruses and Trojans. For you to be able to fully understand about each of them, do some research and take time to read things to keep your Internet protection.


You may be receiving too many emails from different people that you don’t know. Never click those emails and forget about giving them your personal information as a reply. They do it to get something from you. Always be curious about unknown emails and learn to check it first. This can also be applied to when you always receive different texts from unknown numbers and unknown people asking information from you. Do not entertain them.

Browse with care.

There are many malware writers who are targeting our curiosity which can result us to do something that they really want. For example, you saw a website that says you can make money in just one click and you as in need and curious about it, you will click and sign up for it. You don’t really know the danger you’re going into. Always turn on safe online browsing. Value your online security.

Backup your files.

Always make sure that you have a backup of all of your important files so that when some things happened, you will be able to present your reports properly to your boss and will have some references when you need it. Sometimes the only key not to damage your computer is with proper care, proper use and always update it.

Stay safe online with your phones.

In today’s modern technology, malwares are not just for personal computers. When technology get to discover some good things for the people, some of them also create threats that can cause your phone damaged by these malwares. Don’t just click those ads and links that you see while using your phone. Be aware of those phishing links sent by scammers.

Source: vipreantivirus.com

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