4 Safety Benefits of grandPad’s Integration with Uber

While the collaboration between grandPad and Uber has created a renewed sense of freedom amongst seniors, it has also assisted in improving safety. Here are four ways elderly clients are protected while enjoying more mobility in their day to day life.

Affordable Rides

The affordable pricing offered means fewer seniors will be forced to walk instead of accept rides due to monetary restrictions. This allows them to be accompanied by another person when getting to and from appointments, minimizing walking solo. Approximately 20 percent of seniors over the age of 65 no longer drive, so this allows a safe, motorized alternative.


With the Uber app, seniors have the option of setting up payments beforehand. This eliminates the need to have cash or other payment on them, which can become an issue if the incorrect amount of money is available or it falls out of a pocket en route. The senior does not run the risk of being caught away from home with no transportation in an area with which they are not familiar, resulting in an unsafe or confusing situation. With the caregiver app, payments can also be taken care of by another, removing the responsibility completely from the senior being transported.


Getting to the correct destination can be tricky if a passenger misspeaks the address or gets confused on where they are headed. With the pre-set menu, he or she can select a location that has already been input, avoiding any miscommunication with the driver. A caregiver can also choose the destination remotely and set up dates and times. If forgetfulness is an issue, he or she will still be able to attend appointments and be on the right route without having to organize the trip on his or her own.

Real Time Updates

With the user’s permission, family members can keep track of their loved one’s travel itinerary and follow the trip in real time. The accompanying caregiver app allows another to check in to verify that pick-ups and drop offs have occurred when they are supposed to. There is no concern over the whereabouts when the passenger is en route as the updates allow him or her to be tracked while still riding independently.

Safety measures have become an important focal point in the integration between the grandPad and Uber. The freedom now afforded to seniors to live their lives in a more independent fashion can actually be done with increased protection, putting everyone’s mind at ease.

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