Apr 162012

Justin Germino, owner and founder of Dragon Blogger has teamed up with Craving Tech, MetallMan and Trending Poetry and has held a giveaway of 16GB White iPad 3rd Generation Wi-Fi

Tela Andrews

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  1. Really great Giveaway an Apple Ipad is many’s dream gadget and mine too. I hope this time my luck works and I get one :D
    Dhiraj recently posted..iApplicationMy Profile

  2. That’s a pretty sweet giveaway, but 15,000 entries so far – wow, that’s a lot! I don’t know how big sites the MetallMan and Trending Poetry are, but Dragon Blogger and CravingTech I know and they’re quite big, so I’m not surprised with the amount of entries.

    However, since I already have the iPad 3, I think I’ll pass – I probably wouldn’t win anyway, considering the odds – but one has to try in order to get a chance, right :)
    Klaus recently posted..Giveaway for Mac users: CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUSMy Profile

  3. That’s one nice giveaway. Thanks for the info :)
    sham recently posted..Get Free SMS Alerts for New and Important Emails on Gmail with Google DocsMy Profile

  4. good news. Best of luck to the contestants.
    matt recently posted..Download Garena Plus and Messenger FreeMy Profile

  5. By the way, how does one unsubscribe from comment notification e-mails? :)

    There’s a “Manage your subscriptions”-link in the emails, but it just takes me to a page on your blog where it says “Manage Subscriptions” with big letters on top, but there’s nothing I can click on to unsubscribe.

    Thanks :)
    Klaus recently posted..Giveaway for Mac users: CleanGenius 3.0 from EaseUSMy Profile

  6. Thanks for co-hosting the contest, good luck to all who enter.
    Justin Germino recently posted..Parents Fight Freemium GamesMy Profile

  7. wow…good new for bloggers. Good luck for the participants :)
    Ahsan recently posted..Protect Your Blog Posts From Copying By Copy Protect PluginMy Profile

  8. Wow 31,000 entries at the moment! This is definitely a popular giveaway!

    I’ll enter but it’s unlikely that I’ll win. Hopefully there’ll be more of these opportunities available, I’d love to get my hands on an iPad :D
    Jake recently posted..GIMPMy Profile

  9. Great Giveaway! I’m always on the go and there’s so many great blogs and contest I don’t want to miss. An ipad3 would be a great way to stay on top of them all!

  10. I really want to have this gadget because my laptop was already broken and my parents can’t afford to buy me another one..this giveaway event might be the answers to my prayer…to also save money for other uses that is more important..i hope that i win for my parent’s sake T^T..thanks techblazes!!

  11. i want an ipad cuz theyre freaking sweet!

  12. Just like with MacBookAir, the annual iPad upgrades will likely be known as
    by the year. Not too difficult to understand. How mch confusion will their be next year in comparing
    the”new ipad” with “ipad (2012)”? None.
    Otto recently posted..iPad 3 insurance ukMy Profile

    • You mean iPad 2013. But I don’t think Apple may release the iPad 4. Instead, they will concentrate on iPhone 5 :)


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