About Us

Thanks for showing interest in learning more about the people involved behind the administration of Tech Blazes. There are two guys who are under the hood of this website. Its Rudy Bojorquez and Naser Mohd Baig (me)

Rudy resides in United States where as I live in India. We had timezone problems earlier but we have eventually adjusted.

I founded Tech Blazes way back in 2012 and used to manage all the expenses required in maintaining it. Later I met Rudy online on Skype. He is a generous guy and has since then, helped me with the funding of this blog. Rudy isn’t technical, so I take care of all the things under the hood and you can usually see him moderating the comments and promoting the site.

It would be unfair if I say that the smooth operation of this site is only because of us. Tech Blazes has numerous contributors who keep the site fueled with new content for our beloved readers. If you are interested, then even you can contribute for the site.

A site is nothing without its readers. So I request you all to help me by reporting any link errors, article formatting errors or any functionality problem with the site via the contact form so that I can rectify it on time.

Thanks again for your precious time. Have a good day….